sexrevolt, 19 y.o.

Ethnicity: White/Caucasian

Language: russian/english

Turns on: I am soaked in the bathroom, clean and fresh, on lips brightly red lipstick, eyes painted, body smelling with spirits. Pussy and the ass are clear. I ‘m wearing a dress that keeps my breasts – no bra, in stockings, no panties, in shoes. I know I have nothing under my dress, it excites me, the nipple, s of the breasts strain and they get better seen through the dress. It all gets wet between my legs. I ‘m ready to close up with the girl in the room and caress her… I ‘m ready to be dragged by a man into the bathroom, where when he closes, he ‘ll put me on the washing machine and fuck me from behind… Someone ‘s hands lie on my hips and slowly rise with the skirt of the dress up. I freeze with my hands against the table, closing my eyes – I will finally be fucked out today! The dress is set above the pup, hands ironing the pup, belly, off the belly – the hand slowly slips down. I put my legs wider so that the man ‘s hand is free to drop between his legs. Downstairs, the fire has been burning for a long time, a little more – and it would be “out,” but fingers penetrate inside, I, wishing to take them deeper into myself – squat. A quiet moat of pleasure seeps through the open sponges… Fingers wetted with my juices start to fuck me slowly, I squat – I put on them, I want more. Pussy and hips are wet from desire!

Turns off: Greed and impudence

Am I Live Now??