AriadnaCox4u, 26 y.o.

Ethnicity: Latino/Hispanic

Language: english/spanish

Turns on: Intelligence, Humor, Wit, Conversation, Flirting, Cordiality, Friendship, Romance, Style, Trust, Love, Passion, Patience, Care, but sometimes all the opposite. And obviously your tips because they give me vibrations in my kitty. I really love this and if you tip different things you can play me like a piano. A piano of moans and lust.

Turns off: Dick Pics turn me off. I am sorry, not that I don’t like a nice dick, but it is not the first thing I want to see from you. I like to be teased as much as I love teasing. Don’t just send them instead of a hello. Imagine we are meeting in a bar and you want my attention. Make your first move. Ask me a clever question, make me a compliment. And please, if you see me for the first time, please don’t call me babe or baby. It somehow makes me turn stone cold. Again imagine, we were in a great bar and you want my attention. Dick out, yelling EY BABY will not do the trick. Be flirty, be funny and you will conquer my heart.

Am I Live Now??