SweetLaura24, 24 y.o.

Ethnicity: White/Caucasian

Language: english/

Turns on: 1. When a guy has really nice forearms an butt 2.Guys in tailored suits that don’t look like they previously belonged to their dads. 3. When guys seem like really good dads 4. A reasonably fit guy in a slightly too tight white T-shirt. 5. When men roll up their sleeves 6.Suspenders

Turns off: 1.Men that wear the same exact shirt every single day. 2.Men that are unemployed and have no interest in trying to find a job 3. Men that can’t form a complete sentence without throwing a curse word into it. 4. Men that are overly attached to their mothers. 5.Men that glance down at their phone when someone else is speaking 6. Men that are always bragging about how expensive their car is and other things 7.Men that flirt with every waitress and bartender that speaks to them 8. Men that pretend they know more than you, even when they’re completely clueless about a certain topic